What Are the Top 5 Designer
Fine Jewelry Brands in California

California has plenty of fine jewelry brands, jewelry designers, and jewelry specialists! Read and discover the best 5!

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It doesn’t really matter whether you are on the hunt for a last-minute gift for your fiancee or you want to surprise your future life partner or simply you think you deserve something special, shiny and new, knowing the best fine jewelry stores in your area is really helpful.

California has plenty of fine jewelry brands, jewelry designers, and jewelry specialists and sometimes, finding the best one is really challenging. But, you have nothing to worry about as we have narrowed down to top 5 designer brands. Check them out:


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1. Brilliant Earth

if brilliance is at the top of your list when looking for fine jewelry, then Brilliant Earth is a great place to check out pinterest.com/brilliantearth/ . If you check their website, the photos speak for themselves, you will notice what they are working on and you can feel confident about what you are getting - money for value. They offer both lab created and natural diamonds for sale on their website. The competitive edge this brand has over other designer stores is their huge inventory of lab diamonds (they offer fancy colored and while options). We can say it with confidence that no other brand in California or in the world comes close to the depth of selection they sell.

2. Jennie Kwon

Jennie has managed to build a brand for herself by following her true passion - jewelry. Jennie is one of the newest stars in the American fine jewelry market. She shares her decorative and slender rings on her Instagram account where you can take a look at her latest designs and trendiest Parisian concept stores. If you scroll down the photos and you analyze her Instagram account, you will conclude that she offers something unique and something different to the fine jewelry scene.

3. Icing On The Ring

This jewelry store is based in California or more specifically in LA and focuses on crafting amazing and personalized jewelry pieces. They are proud to say that they have the best gemologists in the team who specialize in designing unique engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding bands, and incredible diamond jewelry pieces. This brand exhibits luxury fashion jewelry from famous designers. You can check their official website where you can find their collection of rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Brilliant Earth

4. Global Rings Jewelry

This is an LA-based store, owned by a family who appreciates the beauty and value of fine jewelry. Global Rings Jewelry has been selling amazing and high-quality diamonds for more than 30 years. The showroom offers an incredible hand-selected jewelry collection and you can take a tool at the breathtaking engagement rings, bridal rings, diamond bracelets, wedding bands, diamond necklaces, diamond bangles, diamond earrings, diamond pendants, and men’s rings. Don’t hesitate to check their official website and fall in love with the amazing collection of jewelry they offer.

5. Roseark

This brand has been found in 2003 by the passionate owners Kathy and Rick Rose. This amazing store offers the best selection of edgy, unique, extravagant fine jewelry this city has to offer such as amazing pieces from Jennifer Meyer, Jessica Winzelberg, Karma El Khalil, and much more. You can schedule an appointment via phone or email and take a look at the precious jewels they offer.

Before you decide to purchase a piece of jewelry, we highly recommend you to visit all 5 brands Global Rings Jewelry, Jennie Kwon, Icing On The Ring, Brilliant Earth, and Roseark. Purchasing the perfect ring, necklace, earrings is a huge purchase and you surely want to feel confident through the whole process.
Have fun!

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