What Is the Best Color for a Diamond?

What Is the Best Color for a Diamond?

When you choose to buy a piece of diamond, it might mean either that you are very rich or that you have a very special woman in your life; or both. Traditionally, these rings are offered to a lady when you propose to her. But, this is not the only purpose they have, as contemporary designers create both men’s and women’s types of rings consisting of a mounting of precious metals and gemstones.

  • The Color Variety

Diamonds in nature can be found in a wide assortment of colors. They can vary from white all the way through the colors of the rainbow ending with black. Their price is set according to this criterion. Everyone has been fascinated by the view of the “heart of the ocean” which is featured in the Titanic movie. Although it is a fictional piece, it is a good example to prove that diamonds in beautiful pure colors like blue, canary yellow or red are very rare and very expensive.

perfect diamond is transparent and doesn’t have any color at all. But due to different impurities which contribute to their formation amazing shades can appear or sometimes dull colors like tones of faint yellow or brownish ones. The latter are usually artificially colored to make them more attractive, but this process is reversible in time.

  • Choice Based One’s Taste

If you plan on buying a diamond engagement ring, you can never go wrong with choosing a one made of gold and holding a white diamond. It is a very elegant and classical combination which guarantees the success of your choice. For persons who have certain color preferences, they can buy pink, red, blue or other types of

diamonds. But it’s important to remember that the cost of such a precious stone could be even more than double the price of a pure white diamond

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Whether it is a man’s or a woman’s ring, white diamonds are one of the best options because they are very precise and can be matched to any outfit and accessories. This way it is easy to wear at all times and offers you a distinguished aspect. It is also more likely to find this type of precious stone in wholesale jewelry shops and in most of the other specialized websites and shops.